The University of Cambridge’s extensive collections in museums, libraries and archives encompass the history of life on earth, including much of human history and culture.

Collections-Connections-Communities (CCC) is an interdisciplinary research initiative, which will use the collections in new ways that address the key challenges of our time:

Society & Identity– Addressing political extremism, racism and inequality

Health & Wellbeing– Addressing declining physical, mental and emotional health in the population

Environment & Sustainability– Addressing biodiversity loss and unsustainable living

Our approach is to build communities of researchers, including academics and our audiences, in physical and digital spaces, to develop new ways of thinking that could  influence policy-makers and lead to meaningful change. We aim to transform the relationship between researchers and the public, nucleating debate around societal challenges to create future pathways towards more just, creative, sustainable and inclusive futures.

About Us

The CCC is currently led by our co-chairs Dr Neal Spencer, (Deputy Director of Collections & Research, Fitzwilliam Museum), Dr Sam Brockington (Curator, Cambridge University Botanic Garden), and Dr Jill Whitelock (Head of Special Collections, Cambridge University Library). The CCC was established in 2022 by our founding co-chairs Dr Neal Spencer and Professor Rebecca Kilner, and our previous co-chair was Dr Jessica Gardner (University Librarian).

They are supported by a steering committee made up of members from across the University’s Museums, Libraries, Botanic Garden, Schools and research institutions.

If you would like to stay up to date with all CCC events and news, please follow our Twitter account @CamGLAMresearch, and sign up to our mailing list for termly round-up emails, and occasional invitations to events that may interest you.

Steering Group

The CCC Steering Group membership spans the full breadth of the University and beyond. The 2023 members are:

Anna Alexandrova (Department of History & Philosophy of Science/ Bennett Institute for Public Policy)

Caroline Bassett (Digital Humanities/ Department of English)

Carol Brayne (Cambridge Public Health)

Donal Cooper (Department of History of Art/Cambridge Visual Culture)

Owen Garling (Bennett Institute for Public Policy)

Beverley Glover (Department of Plant Sciences/ University Botanic Gardens)

Susan Golombok (Centre for Family Research)

Liz Hide (Department of Earth Sciences/Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences)

Mandy Hill (Cambridge University Press)

Mary Laven (Department of History)

Jimena Lobo Guerrero Arenas (Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology)

Marcos Martinon-Torres (Department of Archaeology/ McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)

Mike Maunder (Cambridge Conservation Initiative)

Joshua Nall (Whipple Museum of the History of Science)

Kate Noble (Fitzwilliam Museum)

Sujit Sivasundaram (Department of History/ Centre of South Asian Studies)

Lucinda Spokes (Public Engagement)

Amy Tobin (Department of History of Art/Kettle’s Yard)

Dacia Viejo-Rose (Department of Archaeology/Cambridge Heritage Research Centre)

Jill Whitelock (University Library)

Mark Winterbottom (Department of Education)

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